“What´s new in Hydro?”

Online Seminar Series

The German Expert Group of Hydrogeology in the German Geological Society (Fachsektion Hydrogeologie in der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft) “FH-DGGV” and the German Chapter of the International Association of Hydrgeologists “IAH-D”  are standing strong and braving the restrictions caused by the corona-pandemic by launching the new online seminar series “What’s New in Hydro?”.

Join in and be part of international cohesion and professional exchange by attending our online seminars.

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Past Events:

Prof. Alicia Wilson  (School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment at the University of South Carolina, USA)
Darcy Lecturerer 2023

Date: 26 January 2023, 5 pm CEST

Title: “Subseafloor Hydrogeology: Moving beyond watersheds”





 Dr.Theresa Frommen from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin / Berlin, Germany & Fabian Hecht from the Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action / Berlin, Germany

Date: 20 October 2022, 5 pm CEST

Title: “Groundwater and Society – The Berlin Case”


Prof. Christine Stumpp from BOKU / Vienna, Austria

Date: 28 April 2022, 5 pm CEST

Title: “Quantification of water fluxes in the unsaturated zone”






Professor Chen Zhu from Indiana University / Bloomington, USA

Darcy Lecturer 2021 – 2022

Date: 14 JANUARY 2022, 5 pm CEST
Title: “How Are Geochemical Reactions in Aquifers Connected to Climate Change Mitigation?”





Professor Jean-Michel Lemieux from Université Laval / Québec, Canada

Date: 14 OCTOBER 2021, 5 pm CEST
Title: “Groundwater availability in subarctic environments”





On 14th of October 2021 the joint seminar between FH-DGGV and IAH-D hosted Prof Jean-Michel Lemieux from Université Laval in Québec with a really interesting talk about groundwater in permafrost environments. We had close to 60 visitors and an excellent transmission across the Atlantic between Europe and Québec. The presentation treated water availability and renewal as well as heat flow and the role of groundwater as a future drinking water resource in cold regions. Great international short meeting and thanks to Jean-Michel for an inspiring presentation.


Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Dr John Cherry
Awardee of the of the Stockholm Water Prize (2020) and the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize (2016)

Date: 14 APRIL 2021, 5 pm UTC
Title: “Ten indications that our relationship with groundwater is a total mess and what should be done”



Dr. Catalin Stefan

Head of Junior Research Group INOWAS, TU Dresden, Germany

Date: 14 JANUARY 2021, 4 pm UTC
Title: “Managed aquifer recharge as adaptation tools to global change: opportunities and ways forward”




“We didn’t expect to reach out to so many interested hydros right at our first event” said Traugott Scheytt (president FH-DGGV) and Johannes Barth (president IAH-D). The first joint public online seminar of the newly launched series “Was ist neu in Hydro? / What´s new in Hydro“ was held 14 January 2021 and featured a talk by Dr. Catalin Stefan (TU Dresden) about “Managed aquifer recharge as adaptation tools to global change: opportunities and ways forward”.
The 100 available seats were taken on the spot, so we are deeply sorry about not having reserved more capacities. We apologize to everyone not having been able to join the event. The session was a full success. Participants were dialing in not only from Germany, but also from Switzerland, Canada and South Africa. The subsequent discussion in German and English was lively and stimulant.