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25-29 Sep 2017 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

44th IAH Congress

Groundwater Heritage and Sustainability. Eight main congress topics have been established under this theme: 1) Groundwater heritage – passing benefits to current and future generations; 2) Groundwater modelling; 3) Groundwater monitoring – new approaches; 4) Groundwater in karst systems; 5) Groundwater and dependent ecosystems; 6) Hydropower and geothermal energy; 7) Sustainable management of groundwater resources; 8) Mineral waters and human health.

Mid-congress excursions are being planned to several hydrogeologically-diverse and interesting localities, including the Dubrovnik hinterland, the beautiful islands of the Elafiti archipelago and the Mljet National Park. Post-congress excursions will offer a chance to visit to some of the most famous localities in the Dinaric karst including the Jadro spring which is used to supply Split, the Plitvice Lakes National Park (tufa barrier lakes), the Blue and Red Lakes (famous sinkholes) and the Buna Spring (the largest karst spring in the Dinarides) and other localities.

Price: See website for details

Organised by The IAH National Chapter of Croatia.

Website: http://iah2017.org/    Email: organising@iah2017.org

4-6 Oct 2017 – Agricultural University of Athens / Athens-Greece

11th International Hydrogeological Congress of Greece

The protection of aquifers against the qualitative and quantitative degradation and to the limitation of their vulnerability. Enabling the exchange of ideas and experience, as well as the dissemination of knowledge relating to the contribution of the natural environment to the protection of aquifers against the qualitative and quantitative degradation and to the limitation of their vulnerability.

Price: 70 (25 for students)

Organised by Hellenic Committee of Hydrogeology.

Website: http://www.hydrogeologycongress.gr    Email: info@hydrogeologycongress.gr

14-18 Oct 2017 – Spier Hotel and Conference Centre, Stellenbosch

GWD 2017

15th Biennial Ground Water Division Conference: Change, Challenge and Opportunity. The Ground Water Division was established in 1978 as a division of the Geological Society of South Africa with the objective of advancing the science and technology of groundwater. The biennial groundwater conference has been central in sharing knowledge about groundwater in South Africa, with this being the 15th three day event. However, these conferences are never just about the science of groundwater. They are about putting work up for peer review, they are about networking and they are about renewing friendships. Importantly, they provide a platform to pull young hydrogeologists into the community, refreshing the exchange of ideas. The organising committee intend to ensure GWD2017 continues the tradition of advancing the science and technology of groundwater while building friendships.

Papers and posters are required from both the young and not so young; early career hydrogeologists and those who have been around the block once or twice; and from academics, researchers, consultants and state officials. Change, Challenge, Opportunity provides a wide scope with which to put together a programme which will be of interest to the groundwater community at large. The organisers also plan to host short courses and workshops on the weekend prior to the conference. GWD2017 is being held at the historic Spier Wine Estate. In addition to offering a relaxed atmosphere in which to confer, the venue will give visitors a true feel of the Cape.

Abstract submission opens on 30 November.

Price: To be announced

Organised by The Groundwater Division of the Geological Society of South Africa and the IAH South African Chapter.

Website: http://www.gwd2017.co.za    Email: deidre@iafrica.com

23-27 Oct 2017 – Tunis (Tunisia)

Modelling for Sustainable Groundwater Management

Workshop. The workshop aims at learning and promoting the discovery of knowledge and decision-making tools applied to the functioning of groundwater sources, enabling participants exchange of information, comparative practical knowledge, as well as drawing up new proposals with a view of improving work-plans. It focuses on the development of mathematical solutions of hydrogeological models and advanced information technologies as well as their application to groundwater issues where social, economic and environmental aspects are integrated to achieve feasible proposals for a sustainable development.

Price: 300-350 Euros

Organised by Tunisian IAH Chapter (Tunisian Committee of Hydrogeology).

Website: http://www.eauetdev.org/workshop-on-modelling-for-sustainable-groundwater-management-october-23th-27th-2017/    Email: cth@eauetdev.org

25 Oct 2017 – Geological Society, London, UK

Africa, Groundwater and the Sustainable Development Goals

Africa, Groundwater and the Sustainable Development Goals. Africa, Groundwater and the Sustainable Development Goals.

To be held Wednesday 25 October 2017, Geological Society, Burlington House, London.

Comprising a joint meeting of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) and the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society, including the 2017 Ineson Lecture.

The meeting will address a range of groundwater and development issues in Africa.

With this year’s distinguished Ineson Lecturer, Callist Tindimugaya, of the Ministry of Water, Uganda.

The meeting will have the usual keynote Ineson lecture, plus supporting speakers, but will also this year include two debate / discussion panel sessions relating to aspects of groundwater and development in Africa.

Price: To be confirmed

Organised by IAH British Chapter.

Website: http://www.iah-british.org    Email: beod@bgs.ac.uk

30-31 Oct 2017 – São Paulo, Brazil

V International Congress on Subsurface Environment

Groundwater and soil quality. This 5th edition of the event will have Dr. John Cherry as a keynote speaker. He will stress the importance of hydrogeologists in regard to the responsibly of leaving a better environment to future generations. Furthermore, as aquifers are the main water reservoirs of our planet, the whole subsurface environment needs attention and study. Technologies and strategies will be presented and discussed by renowned professionals from several countries.

Price: US$155,00 for IAH members

Organised by Associação Brasileira de Águas Subterrâneas (ABAS) and the Brazilian Chapter of IAH.

Website: http://www.abas.org/cimas/    Email: everton@hidroplan.com.br

6-9 Nov 2017 – Granada, Spain

Congress on Groundwater and Global Change in the Western Mediterranean

Groundwater and global change in the Western Mediterranean. Major drivers of global change include population growth and migration, climate change, urbanization and expansion of infrastructure, and changes in land use and pollution. Western Mediterranean countries of both southern Europe and North Africa are expected to experience impacts on the sustainability, quantity, quality, and management of water resources. Future scenarios in this region forecast a decline in stream flow, reducing reservoir storage for population supply. In this context, groundwater becomes an increasingly strategic resource to meet water demand for irrigated and urban areas. Particularly, coastal areas are threatened by increasing stress during summer and drought periods causing groundwater depletion and saline water intrusion. Dealing with this situation makes it necessary to address regional needs through global coordination, so the IAH and IHP-UNESCO recommend facilitating country and regional groundwater assessments and exchange of information via seminars, workshops and conferences, such as the one presented here. These aspects are in connection with the Declaration on Groundwater in the Mediterranean (Malaga-Marrakech, 2006), and consequently IAH National Chapters from Western Mediterranean countries are organizing this congress on Groundwater and Global Change.

Price: 100-500€

Organised by IAH National Chapters of Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia.

Website: http://www.aih-ge.org/index.php/gwh-change/    Email: gwmedchange@ugr.es

6-8 Dec 2017 – Dakhla, Morocco

3rd International Congress GIRE3D « Integrated Water Resources Management and Sustainable Development Challenges, case of Arid Regions »

Hydrogeology of Arid Regions. The arid regions are known by their limited water potential, which minimizes the occurence of aquifer recharge and watercourse supply. The sustainable management of water resources in these regions is a permanent challenge, due to the increasing demand, linked to population growth combined to the negative impacts of climate change.

The 2017 edition of GIRE3D Congress is dedicated to arid regions and will provide an opportunity to water actors and scientists for exchanging adapted methodologies to water management in such contexts.

Price: 150 Euros

Organised by The IAH Moroccan Chapter.

Website: http://www.cm-aih.ma/gire3d2017    Email: gire3d2017@gmail.com