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12-15 Nov 2018 – Salamanca, Spain

Iberian Congress on Groundwater, Environment, Health and Heritage

IAH’s Spanish and Portuguese national chapters will be partnering to organise the Iberian Congress on Groundwater, Environment, Health and Heritage, to be held in Salamanca (Spain) between 12-15th of November 2018.

En el marco de este evento se tratarán temas que han sido objeto de congresos o seminarios por separado, pero que están íntimamente relacionados. La relación entre el agua subterránea y el medio ambiente es evidente en los ecosistemas, muchos de los cuales forman parte del Patrimonio Natural a preservar para generaciones venideras. Estos aspectos, y otros que tienen que ver con la cantidad y calidad de las aguas subterráneas, inciden en la salud humana. El presente congreso pretende ser un foro de debate, en el que especialistas de diversos campos presenten sus experiencias y contribuyan a buscar soluciones a los retos planteados sobre los temas objeto del mismo.


Organised by IAH Spain and Portugual national chapters.

Email: aih‐ge@aih‐ge.org


13 Nov 2018 – Jacobs Office, 12-16 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland November IAH Groundwater Meeting

Groundwater Modelling. Our speaker will be Brian Barnett who will be presenting a on a series of topics that highlight the many opportunities and challenges faced by groundwater modellers in Australia at the moment. Topics will range from:

• Modelling major transport infrastructure projects in Melbourne and Sydney and how we can learn from past mistakes,
• Recent software advances including Modflow USG and Feflow V 7.1 and what this means for existing models,
• Modelling in the coal mining industry and
• PFAS contamination of groundwater.

Brian was a principal author and editor of the Australian Groundwater Modelling Guidelines. Published in 2012, the Guidelines have been accepted throughout Australia as a benchmark defining best industry practice. Brian’s bio and calendar invite are attached. This meeting is open to all professionals interested in the science and technology of hydrogeology and water resources and you do not need to be an IAH member to attend. Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone who might be interested.

What: November Technical Meeting of the New Zealand National Chapter of IAH.
When: 5:30 pm, Tuesday 13 November 2018. Presentation to start around 6:00 pm.
Where: Aotearoa Raki Room, Jacobs, 12-16 Nicholls Lane, Carlaw Park, Parnell, Auckland. Enter through the main entrance and take the Lift to Level 2.

Price: N/A

Organised by Mauricio Taulis.

Website: https://newzealand.iah.org/    Email: mauricio@taulis.com

29 Nov 2018 – London, UK

Hydrochemistry and Human Health: Ineson 2018

Geological Society, Burlington House, London

A joint meeting of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) and the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society, including the 2018 Ineson Lecture.

The 2018 Ineson Lecture will be presented by Dr Pauline Smedley. Dr Smedley is a principal hydrogeochemist at the British Geological Survey and leader of the BGS Groundwater Protection and Risk team. Her work focuses on the mobilisation and transport of trace elements of health concern in groundwaters around the world; baseline groundwater chemistry in the UK; and groundwater chemistry monitoring in relation to shale-gas development.

The Ineson Lecture will be accompanied by supporting presentations and discussions in the area of hydrochemistry and human health. A full programme will be circulated soon.

The meeting will also include presentation of the IAH British Chapter John Day Bursary.

This will be a full day meeting with lunch provided, and a post-meeting wine reception in the Geological Society Main Library.

Poster presentations are welcome on the theme.

Website: http://www.iah-british.org/hydrochemistry-human-health-ineson-2018/

28-30 Mar 2019 – Hammamet, Tunisia

AGIC2019 Applied Geosciences for Groundwater

Applied Geosciences for Groundwater. AGIC2019 is the 2nd International Congress of Atlas Georesources. It will bring together researchers, research scholars, experts and policy makers to share their research, experiences and discuss recent advances in applied Geosciences for Groundwater. The conference will cover many aspects related to Groundwater grouped in four main topics:
– Global change and Groundwater
– Groundwater quality and pollution
– Groundwater exploration and monitoring
– Groundwater modelling and risk management
It will take place in Hammamet which is a coastal city located in the North East of Tunisia. The city is very famous by its endless white sandy beach and tourist resort. At the centre of the city stands the old Medina and the historic fort of Hammamet which was built in 893.
The AGIC2019 Scientific Committee will select the best and most-interesting contributions for publication in Special Issues and as book chapters in peer-reviewed International Journals. Abstracts submission will be opened on the 31, July 2018 and will be announced on the second detailed call of the conference.

Organised by Georesources Laboratory and Tunisian Committee of IAH.

Email: agicconference@gmail.com


20-24 May 2019 – Madrid, Spain

ISMAR 10: International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge

Managed Aquifer Recharge. ISMAR 10 (International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge) will be held in Madrid, Spain from May 20-24th 2019. ISMAR has been held successfully for 9 series, and this is the first time that will be held in a Mediterranean country. On behalf of the IAH MAR Commission and the Organizing Committee, we cordially inform you and invite to contribute to a successful ISMAR 10. There are 20 themes and topics envisaged , covering most of the Managed Aquifer Recharge and Water Management Worlds.

20 May 2019- First day Workshops
21-23 May 2019- Conference
24 May 2019- Field trips to MAR sites around Madrid.

Price: TBC

Organised by Organized by: Tragsa Group, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME) and International Water Resources Association (IWRA). Co-organizers: International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Website: http://ismar10.net    Email: info@ismar10.net

3-6 Jun 2019 – Aarhus, Denmark

LuWQ2019 – International Conference on LAND USE and WATER QUALITY: Agriculture and the Environment

LuWQ2019 is an interdisciplinary conference on the cutting edge of science, management and policy to minimise effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters. The conference aims to discuss the entire ’policy cycle’ to enable enhancing the quality of the water environment, which includes problem recognition, formulation of technical options, policy formulation, interaction between policy makers and stakeholders (i.e. pressure groups), policy implementation, monitoring and research. The conference also aims to facilitate networking opportunities between scientists of different discipline backgrounds i.e. economic, social and natural sciences, as well as between scientists, water managers and policy makers. The objectives are:
– to provide a forum for exchange of scientific knowledge, research to better understand ’systems function’, modelling and uncertainty;
– to discuss the entire policy cycle for water quality improvement; and
– to intensify contacts (a) between soil/water related scientists, agro related scientists, social scientists, ecological scientists and economists, and (b) between scientists, water managers and policy makers.

The conference themes and topics are characterised by the following keywords: agronomy, agro-economics, agro-sociology, water management, water policy, hydrology, aquatic ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems, unsaturated zone, groundwater, surface waters, drinking water, monitoring, modelling, water quality, nutrients, pesticides and other organic agrochemicals, heavy metals.

Organised by Organised by Aarhus University, Denmark (principle organiser); RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the Netherlands; Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), Denmark; and Umweltbundesamt (UBA), German Environment Agency, Germany. IAH is Scientific Sponsor of the conference.

Website: http://www.luwq2019.dk/    Email: karel.kovar@dce.au.dk ; bkr@bios.au.dk


12-14 Jun 2019 – Milano- ITALY


Groundwater flow and resource management. The Italian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) is pleased to invite you to the 4th Edition of FLOWPATH, the National Meeting on Hydrogeology. FLOWPATH Conference is a key biennial event for Italian hydrogeologists to exchange ideas and knowledge on different groundwater topics.

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM (12th – 13th June)

FIELD TRIP (14th June).

Price: From 60€ to 290€

Organised by IAH Italian Chapter.

Website: http://www.flowpath2019.polimi.it/    Email: flowpath@iahitaly.it


22-27 Sep 2019 – Malaga, Spain

46th IAH Congress: Groundwater management and governance – coping with water scarcity

Groundwater management and governance – water scarcity. The IAH Spanish Chapter (IAH-GE) and the Center of Hydrogeology of the University of Malaga (CEHIUMA) are honored to host and invite you to the 46th IAH Congress in Malaga, Spain in 2019.

Studies on groundwater sustainability show that aquifers across the world are undergoing severe and unsustainable groundwater depletion. The Mediterranean is likely to be one of the most endangered regions, with climatic models also predicting that there will be severe drought events and significant reduction of water availability. Appropriate management and governance of water resources are needed to adapt to such critical scenarios and cope with their consequences. The conference will examine this under 8 topics:

• Groundwater management and governance
• Groundwater and climate change
• Groundwater sustainability
• Groundwater footprint and virtual water
• Tools, methods and models to study groundwater
• Groundwater, wetlands and natural heritage
• Groundwater and socio-economic development in Latin America
• Groundwater quality and pollution processes

Key dates:
– Abstract submission by 19 March 2019
– Early bird registration fees available before 30 June 2019.

Price: Before 30 June, 2019: IAH Members 480€; Non-Members 590€; Students 230€; Student non-members 330€. From 30 June, 2019: IAH Members 580€; Non-Members 690€; Students 330€; Student non-members 430€

Organised by IAH Spanish National Chapter with the support of the Center of Hydrogeology University of Malaga.

Website: http://www.iah2019.0rg    Email: organizing@iah2019.org / scientific@iah2019.org / sponsors@iah2019.org


21-25 Oct 2019 – Porto, Portugal (ISEP Convention Centre)

Geoethics & Groundwater Management: theory and practice for a sustainable development

Geoethics in groundwater management, theory and practice aiming at the responsible integrated management of groundwater resources for a resilient and sustainable future. The international congress «Geoethics in Groundwater Management: theory and practice for a sustainable development» – GEOETH&GWM’19 – is the first result of an Agreement for Cooperation signed in 2017 by IAH and IAPG-International Association for Promoting Geoethics aiming to promote a co-ordinated policy, initiatives and events of common interest on a range of issues in the field of geoethics and groundwater.
It is the first global approach on the vast subjects of geoethics in groundwater management and its recognized need of reflection for correct and prudent actions.
GEOETH&GWM’19 convenes groundwater specialists, scholars in science and the humanities, professionals, as well as educators, students, and early careers for the first specialized world forum for discussing theory and practice through case studies, sharing values, knowledge, research, educational projects, best practices and strategies aiming at the responsible integrated management of groundwater resources for a resilient and sustainable future through theoretical concepts and best practices.
This implies the scientific analysis of the complex dynamics of human-water systems, to manage problems carefully related to environmental impacts created by human interventions in the natural processes governing surface and groundwater resources, to develop strategies in order to harmonize expectations and requests of various stakeholders, including citizens, industry and policy makers.

Price: To be announced in 22 December 2018

Organised by IAH Portugal Chapter / ISEP – School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto / IAH Spain Chapter.

Website: https://geoeth-gwm2019.wixsite.com/porto    Email: geoeth.gwm.19@gmail.com


31 Mar – 3 Apr 2020 – Caserta, Italy

MinWat 2020

3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Mineral Waters: Genesis, Exploitation, Protection, and Valorisation. The MinWat 2020 Conference will represent an exceptional opportunity to update knowledge about each MinWat core investigation activity among earth scientists from national and international institutions.

The three main scientific topics of the conference will be the following:
A. Hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, and hydrogeophysics – Origin, protection, and management of mineral and thermal waters
B. Bottled waters – Market and demand
C. Mineral and thermal waters – Health issues, balneology, balneotherapy, and balneotechnics.

Price: TBD

Organised by IAH Commission on Mineral and Thermal Water (IAH CMTW), IAH National Chapter of Italy (IAHItaly), University of Naples.

Website: http://www.iahitaly.it/    Email: segratario@iahitaly.it