IAH 2014 Marrakech


6-18 Jun 2021 – Napoli (Italy)

Flowpath 2021

Italian IAH Congress. • SESSION 1 ‐ Climate change and groundwater

• SESSION 2 ‐ Groundwater Resource and Sustainability

• SESSION 3 ‐ Geothermal, Urban and Contaminant Hydrogeology

• SESSION 4 ‐ Groundwater flow and hydrogeochemical features in volcanic, karst
and coastal plain aquifers.

Price: 70 – 300 Euros

Organised by IAH Italy.

Website: http://www.flowpath2021.unina.it/    Email: flowpath@iahitaly.it


20-26 Jun 2021 – Irkutsk, RUSSIA

All-Russian Conference on GROUND WATERS IN THE EAST OF RUSSIA (XXIIIth Meeting on Ground Waters of Siberia and Russian Far East)

GROUND WATERS IN THE EAST OF RUSSIA. This all-Russian Conference is traditional and it is held every 3 years since 1955. In 2021, it will be dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Prof. Eugene V. Pinneker, head of the Siberian hydrogeologists School and to the blessed memory of the organizer of the first meetings on groundwater and engineering geology of Eastern Siberia Prof. Valentina G. Tkachuk.
The conference, which originated 66 years ago, will again be held in the Institute of the Earth’s Crust of SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia. At the upcoming meeting, for the first time in many years it is planned to consider the results of theoretical and applied research not only in the field of hydrogeology, but also in the field of engineering geology, to discuss a wide range of problems facing domestic and world science.
It is noteworthy that the meeting will be held within the framework of the international decade for action “Water for Sustainable Development”, which the UN celebrates in 2018-2028 (A/RES/71/222).

Proposed conference topics:
• Underground hydrosphere. Past, Present, Future.
• Water-rock system. Steps forward.
• Ground waters and permafrost
• Hydrogeology of oil and gas regions
• New approaches and methods in hydrogeodynamics and hydrogeochemistry
• Natural and technical systems. Condition and control.
• Training problems of qualified hydrogeologists and geological engineers
• Youth section “New in hydrogeology and engineering geology”

Before the conference beginning it is supposed to publish its proceedings. Main selection criteria are traditional — novelty of the results obtained. The organizing committee welcomes the reports of foreign colleagues on modern problems of hydrogeology and engineering geology in various countries.

Price: Registration fee: Early Bird Registration Rates (April 1-10, 2021) 400 €, Standard Registration rate (after April 10, 2021) – 450 €, young scientists (before 35 years old) – 100 €. The registration fee includes: Conference Icebreaker; 1 copy of the Conference Proceedings; a folder, a writing pad, a pen, a badge, information&schedules brochure; coffee-breaks between the sessions, lunches.

Organised by Institute of the Earth’s Crust of SB RAS Irkutsk National Research Technical University Irkutsk State University Hydrogeological and Geoecological Company “GIDEK” International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) Russian Public Organization “Russian Union of Hydrogeologists” (ROSGIDROGEO).

Website: http://www.gw2021baikal.ru    Email: eastwater2021@crust.irk.ru



3° International multidisciplinary conference on mineral and thermal waters. (Postponed from 2020)
The different events related to the current spreading of covid19 forced us, once again, to defer the date of MinWat2020 to 2021.

1. Hydrogeology and geochemistry of mineral and thermal waters
2. Protection and management of mineral and thermal waters
3. Bottled mineral waters
4. Health issues, balneology and balneotherapy.

Organised by Commission on Mineral and Thermal Waters of IAH and IAH Italy.

Website: http://www.minwatitaly2020.org


7-9 Jul 2021 – Budapest, Hungary

International Symposium on Geofluids

(Postponed from 2020)
The declared objective of the Symposium is to bring together scientists, professionals, stakeholders to share and discuss all kinds of aspects of geofluids, i.e., groundwater, geothermal energy, hydrocarbon, geogenic contamination, and hydrothermal mineral resources, with special emphasis on harmonized exploration and utilization. We, therefore, welcome researchers in all aspects of geofluids’ research. Main Topics and planned Sessions include: Energy flow systems and related fluids in the lithosphere; Managed aquifer recharge and groundwater flow systems; Geoenergy, thermal water and hydrocarbon systems; Natural contamination and hazards of geofluids; Fluid–rock interactions and hydrogeochemical reaction.
Stay tuned for updates!.

Organised by Organised by the József and Erzsébet Tóth Endowed Hydrogeology Chair and Foundation and by the Regional Groundwater Flow Commission of IAH, in scientific collaboration with the ENeRAG H2020 project of Eötvös Loránd University.

Website: http://geofluids2020.hu/


22-27 Aug 2021 – São Paulo, Brazil

47th IAH Congress – IAH 2021 Brazil

GROUNDWATER 4.0: CONNECTED, VISIBLE AND ETHICAL. As a result of the Covid-19 we are not able to hold our congress in Sao Paulo in 2020. Instead we will have two congresses in 2021, in Sao Paulo and in Brussels. Brazil and Belgium are coordinating efforts to put forward a unique IAH experience to create an opportunity for many more people to participate.

• XV Latin American Hydrogeology Congress • XXI Brazilian Groundwater Congress
• XXII Brazilian Meeting of Well Drillers • FENÁGUA – National Water Trade Show
The technical discussions have already begun on the WhatsApp groups for the congress. Themes include: Management Aquifer Recharge, Groundwater and Climate Change, Groundwater Flow, Water Cycle and Ecosystems, Karst and Fractured Aquifer, Groundwater and Gender, Geochemistry, Groundwater Pollution and Remediation, Transboundary Aquifers, Emerging Tools and Tech for Groundwater Investigation, Numerical Modelling

Share the joy and participate in the 2021 Groundwater Congress in Brazil!

Key Dates
28/02/2021 : Abstract submission deadline
30/04/2021 : Abstract acceptance
31/05/2021 : Registration: Early bird deadline
The call for abstract submission is open! Please, send your contribution!.

Price: Range of fees for members, non-members, students – see https://iah2021brazil.org/en/registration-2/

Organised by Brazilian National Chapter of IAH/Brazilian Groundwater Association (ABAS), Latin-Americal Groundwater Association (ALHSUD).

Website: https://iah2021brazil.org/en/


6-10 Sep 2021 – Brussels, Belgium

48th IAH Congress – IAH 2021 – Inspiring Groundwater

IAH 2021 – Inspiring Groundwater. As a result of the Covid-19 we are not able to hold our congress in Sao Paulo in 2020. Instead we will have two congresses in 2021, in Sao Paulo and in Brussels. Brazil and Belgium are coordinating efforts to put forward a unique IAH experience to create an opportunity for many more people to participate.

The history of the world shows us that water and groundwater have constantly inspired mankind to develop techniques for the production of drinking water, to transport water to people, to control and manage watercourses, to the search for new sources and to combat scarcity. Access to safe water in sufficient quantities is essential to mankind, for prosperity and economic development.

Let the past inspire us to prepare a better future
Let our failures inspire us to constantly improve our techniques.
Let research inspire us to turn challenges into opportunities, and to make groundwater part of the solution towards a society without fossil energy sources.
Let our children inspire us to give our grandchildren a better planet

In 2021, we’ll also celebrate together the 65th anniversary of the IAH … and the 20th anniversary of our Belgian chapter. Did you know that the first president of IAH was Belgian? Belgium is a small country, but we have a lot to give… to the organization of the congress, and we’ll also do our best to make you discover some aspects of our culture, our history, our architecture, and our gastronomy. You are all welcome to join us and to learn from others, to exchange and to transfer knowledge, to learn to know people, to build solutions.

Brussels, September 6th : we’ll be there. Will you?

Key Dates
October 2020: call for abstracts opens
January 2021: registration opens
Stay tuned for information on : https://iah2021belgium.org/ or on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/18626784/.

Organised by IAH Belgium (CBH-BCH).

Website: http://www.iah2021belgium.org/    Email: iahbelgium@gmail.com


26-29 Sep 2021 – Niagara Falls, Canada

GeoNiagara 2021

The Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) in collaboration with the Canadian National Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-CNC) invite you to GeoNiagara 2021, the 74th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and the 14th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference. The conference will be held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada from Sunday, September 26 to Wednesday, September 29, 2021. The theme for GeoNiagara 2021 is Creating a Sustainable and Smart Future. The conference will feature technical sessions on subjects of broad interest in the geotechnical and hydrogeological fields. In addition to the technical program and plenary sessions, the conference will include a complement of distinguished keynote speakers, high calibre short courses, technical tours, and social events.

Website: https://www.geoniagara2021.ca/


27-30 Sep 2021 – Maastricht, the Netherlands

LuWQ2021 – 5th International Conference on LAND USE and WATER QUALITY: Agriculture and the Environment

(rescheduled owing to pandemic)
LuWQ2021 is an interdisciplinary conference on the cutting edge of science, management and policy to minimise effects of agriculture and land use changes on the quality of groundwater and surface waters. The conference aims to discuss the entire ’policy cycle’ to enable enhancing the quality of the water environment, which includes problem recognition, formulation of technical options, policy formulation, interaction between policy makers and stakeholders (i.e. pressure groups), policy implementation, monitoring and research. The conference also aims to facilitate networking opportunities and to intensify contacts (a) between soil/water related scientists, agro related scientists, social scientists, ecological scientists and economists, and (b) between scientists, water managers and policy makers.

The conference themes and topics are characterised by the following keywords: agronomy, agro-economics, agro-sociology, water management, water policy, hydrology, aquatic ecosystems, terrestrial ecosystems, unsaturated zone, groundwater, surface waters, drinking water, monitoring, modelling, water quality, nutrients, pesticides and other organic agrochemicals, heavy metals.

To give you a feeling for the essence of LuWQ… The key strength of the conference is twofold. On the one side, LuWQ has a well-defined narrow focus on ‘agriculture and water quality’. On the other side, the conference is broadly oriented with regard to the various professional disciplines related to the conference topics. Based on the experience from previous Land Use and Water Quality conferences, it is just the diversity in professional background of participants which results in a multi-faceted conference programme. Consequently, LUWQ offers sessions on a broad variety of topics, all of them however dedicated exclusively to agriculture and water quality. In this sense, the conference topics range – to illustrate by a few randomly chosen examples – from scientific research on denitrification and travel time, …, challenges in monitoring and modelling at different scale (parcels, field, region), …, practice-oriented and technical measures to limit leaching of nutrients and agrochemicals, …, development of management options to mitigate effects on water quality in drinking-water protection areas, including cooperation between local governments, water supply companies and farmers, …, to policy development, and lessons to be learned from policy implementation, e.g. comparison of farmers’ behaviour between top-down and bottom-up implementation of agri-environmental measures.

Organised by Organised by RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the Netherlands (principle organiser); Aarhus University (DCE and Department of Bioscience), Denmark; Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS); and Umweltbundesamt (UBA), German Environment Agency, Germany. IAH is Scientific Sponsor of the conference.

Website: https://www.luwq2021.nl/    Email: karel.kovar@rivm.nl ; dico.fraters@rivm.nl


14-16 Oct 2021 – Nicosia (Lefkosia), Cyprus

12th International Hydrogeological Conference

Groundwater resources, protection and management, in our ever-changing environment. The Association of Geologists and Mining Engineers of Cyprus in collaboration with the Hellenic Committee of Hydrogeology member of the Geological Society of Greece organize the 12th International Hydrogeological Conference, which will take place on October 14-16 October 2021 (note new dates), in Nicosia (Lefkosia), Cyprus.

The 12th International Hydrogeological Conference envisages in convening people from academia, private and public sector, dealing with all aspects of groundwater. It will be held under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus and it is supported by the Geological Survey Department of Cyprus and Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber. This conference aims in gathering and disseminating knowledge and good practices on dealing with increasing pressures and challenges on groundwater resources, protection and management, in our ever-changing environment driven by climate change.

The conference will take place at the Cleopatra Hotel in Nicosia on October 14 and 15, while on October 16, 2021 a visit will be made to the Troodos area, with the aim of providing information regarding the development and management of the region’s groundwater resources, as well as the Troodos UNESCO World Geopark.

Organised by Association of Geologists and Mining Engineers of Cyprus in collaboration with the Hellenic Committee of Hydrogeology member of the Geological Society/IAH Greece.

Website: https://hydrogeologyconference2020.com.cy/

6-8 Dec 2021 – Paris, France

ISARM 2021: 2nd International Conference on Transboundary Aquifers

Overview of the challenges and way forward into addressing transboundary aquifers management. The Second International UNESCO Conference on transboundary aquifers ISARM II “Challenges and the way forward”; aims to be an opportunity for showcasing diverse efforts made by UNESCO, the International and Donor community (GEF, the World Bank, the FAO, the Swiss, the German etc…) to streamline groundwater as an enabler for achieving the water-related SDGs. No registration fees are required to attend or participate in this Conference.

Physical and social scientists, academics, civil servants, development economists, managers, decision-makers, and governmental officers dealing with issues of transboundary aquifers, are invited to participate and submit abstracts. The abstracts should be in English only (less than 400 words) and it should address a subject on one of the topics of the Conference.

The Scientific Committee will select the abstracts, the selected author will be requested to prepare full length papers. The proceedings will include keynote lectures and accepted papers and will be published online by UNESCO-IHP.

Authors of accepted contributions will be notified by end of March 2021. There is a limit of 6 pages for each paper (320 words per page), and 3 pages (320 words per page) for each poster, including figures, tables and references. The participants are kindly requested to submit their abstracts by 30 December 2020.

Key dates:
Submission deadline for abstracts: 31 January 2021 (new date)
Final attendance registration 1 September 2021
Full papers submission: 1 October 2021
Final program: 28 October 2021

IAH is one of the conference partners.

Price: Free

Website: https://en.unesco.org/conference/isarm2021