IAH 2014 Marrakech


22 Mar 2020 – Worldwide

World Water Day

Water and Climate Change.

Organised by UN-Water.

Website: https://www.worldwaterday.org/


25 – 28 Mar 2020 – Leipzig, Germany

27. Tagung der Fachsektion Hydrogeologie e. V. in der DGGV e.V.

Groundwater and Catchments – Processes, Data and Models

Organised by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research and FH-DGGV

Website: https://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/FH-DGGV-2020/index.php?lang=en


29 Mar – 2 Apr 2020 – Caserta, Italy

MinWat 2020

3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Mineral Waters: Genesis, Exploitation, Protection, and Valorisation. The MinWat 2020 Conference will represent an exceptional opportunity to update knowledge about each MinWat core investigation activity among earth scientists from national and international institutions.

The three main scientific topics of the conference will be the following:
A. Hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, and hydrogeophysics – Origin, protection, and management of mineral and thermal waters
B. Bottled waters – Market and demand
C. Mineral and thermal waters – Health issues, balneology, balneotherapy, and balneotechnics.

Organised by IAH Commission on Mineral and Thermal Water (IAH CMTW), IAH National Chapter of Italy (IAHItaly), University of Naples.

Website: https://minwatitaly2020.org    Email: segratario@iahitaly.it


18-22 May 2020 – Porto, Portugal (ISEP Convention Centre)

Geoethics & Groundwater Management: theory and practice for a sustainable development

Geoethics in groundwater management, theory and practice aiming at the responsible integrated management of groundwater resources for a resilient and sustainable future. The international congress «Geoethics in Groundwater Management: theory and practice for a sustainable development» – GEOETH&GWM’19 – is the first result of an Agreement for Cooperation signed in 2017 by IAH and IAPG-International Association for Promoting Geoethics aiming to promote a co-ordinated policy, initiatives and events of common interest on a range of issues in the field of geoethics and groundwater.
It is the first global approach on the vast subjects of geoethics in groundwater management and its recognized need of reflection for correct and prudent actions.
GEOETH&GWM’19 convenes groundwater specialists, scholars in science and the humanities, professionals, as well as educators, students, and early careers for the first specialized world forum for discussing theory and practice through case studies, sharing values, knowledge, research, educational projects, best practices and strategies aiming at the responsible integrated management of groundwater resources for a resilient and sustainable future through theoretical concepts and best practices.
This implies the scientific analysis of the complex dynamics of human-water systems, to manage problems carefully related to environmental impacts created by human interventions in the natural processes governing surface and groundwater resources, to develop strategies in order to harmonize expectations and requests of various stakeholders, including citizens, industry and policy makers.

Organised by IAH Portugal Chapter / ISEP – School of Engineering, Polytechnic of Porto / IAH Spain Chapter.

Website: https://geoeth-gwm2019.wixsite.com/porto

18-22 May 2020 – Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

UNESCO Karst 2020

Conservation of Fragile Karst Resources. UNESCO Karst 2020

Western Kentucky University, the George Wright Society, and the Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve invite you to attend Conservation of Fragile Karst Resources: A Workshop on Sustainability and Community in Bowling Green, Kentucky to be held May 18-22, 2020. This four day meeting will include technical scientific sessions, interactive workshops, guided tours, and field excursions to nearby Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve and it’s core area Mammoth Cave National Park Special events include a pre-meeting field trip hosted by the United State Geological Survey Karst Interest Group and the Cave Research Foundation, the 50th Anniversary of the International Association of Hydrogeologists Karst Commission, and opportunities on two evenings to dine and socialize in local show caves.

The purpose of this meeting is to enhance communication and the sharing of ideas and resources between major international conservation and science programs that protect, study, or manage cave and karst resources. The meeting will bring together a diverse group of managers, scientists, educators, and community partners to share successes and challenges in promoting sustainability and community involvement while protecting fragile karst ecosystems.

All those interested in participating are welcome to join us. Below are major international conservation and science programs that will be represented:

UNESCO Man and the Biosphere (MAB)
UNESCO World Heritage Convention (WHC)
UNESCO Global Geopark Network (GGN)
UNESCO/IUGS International Geoscience Program Project #661 (IGCP)
International Association of Hydrogeologists Karst Commission (IAH KC)
International Research Center on Karst under the auspices of UNESCO (IRCK)
UNESCO International Hydrological Program (IGHP)
International Geographical Union Karst Commission (IGU KC)
World Karst Aquifer Map (WOKAM) Program
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

**Note that although the meeting will include participants from UNESCO programs, the workshop is not sanctioned by UNESCO or the U.S. government.

Price: $450

Organised by Western Kentucky University, George Wright Society, Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve.

Website: https://unescokarst2020.com/    Email: unescokarst2020@gmail.com



8-10 Jul 2020 – Budapest, Hungary

International Symposium on Geofluids

Hydrogeology, geothermal energy, hydrothermal minerals. Significant geological resources form as a consequence of the interaction among fluids of different nature and the rocks forming the Earth crust. These fluid-rock-related processes, the geofluids and their interrelationship can be understood only by using the dynamic system approach.

The declared objective of the Symposium is to bring together scientists, professionals, stakeholders to share and discuss all kinds of aspects of geofluids, i.e., groundwater, geothermal energy, hydrocarbon, geogenic contaminations and hydrothermal mineral resources, with special emphasis on harmonized exploration and utilization. We, therefore, welcome researchers in all aspects of geofluids’ research. The greater the diversity of interests the more significant will be the result.

Main topics and planned sessions:
1. Managed aquifer recharge and sustainable water management in the context of flow systems
2. Natural contamination and hazards of geofluids
3. Geoenergy, thermal water and hydrocarbon exploration
4. Paleo and recent hydrothermal mineralization processes
5. Tools and methods of geofluids assessment
6. Legislation and harmonization in geofluid exploitation and utilization
but of course all geofluid-related abstracts are welcome.

Organised by József and Erzsébet Tóth Endowed Hydrogeology Chair and Foundation, Regional Groundwater Flow Commission of the IAH, ENeRAG H2020 project.

Website: http://geofluids2020.hu/

20-25 Sep 2020 – São Paulo, Brazil

47th IAH Congress

Aquifers: Storing Water for the Future. The Brazilian community of hydrogeologists, proudly represented by the Brazilian National Chapter of IAH, welcome you to the city of São Paulo for the first congress organised by the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), the Brazilian National Chapter of IAH/Brazilian Groundwater Association (ABAS) and the Latin-American Groundwater Association for Development (ALHSUD). The event will help promote the connection of hydrogeologists from Latin America as never before and strengthen IAH’s reach worldwide.

Taking place on 20-25 September 2020 under the theme, ‘AQUIFERS: STORING WATER FOR THE FUTURE’, there will be sessions on hydrogeological science and technologies, as well as groundwater in the wider environmental and societal context. Amongst other issues, environmental isotopes, modelling and geophysical techniques will be considered alongside crystalline, karst and coastal aquifers, taking into account agriculture, urban development, economics and climate change. Expect to hear the whole range of groundwater management and governance considered under the umbrella of IWRM – integrated water resource management.

Key Dates
Registration and abstract submission starts on: 1 December 2019
Abstract submission deadline: 30 March 2020
Early bird registration: 30 June 2020.

Organised by Brazilian National Chapter of IAH/Brazilian Groundwater Association (ABAS), Latin-Americal Groundwater Association (ALHSUD).

Website: https://abas.iah2020.org/